Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June month of anticipation

June 2, 2010, this is a month of anticipation.  Anticipation of being done with work for the summer months, looking ahead to lazy summer days of floating in the pool, exercise and most importantly my paper crafting.  A couple of projects loom in the near future.  Papercrafting for me is about purpose.  Right now I need to focus on a creating a mini book gift for a co-worker, a wedding gift for my son to give to his best friends and a two page layout for my LSS alias my sister.  I usually have to think a bit about my projects before they come to completion or even beginning.  Once I have successfully thought long enough an idea comes to me and the project is completed.  However right now I have the ideas and need to sit in my space and start the creating process soon.  This weekend looks hopeful as the weather will probably not be beckoning me outside, because when the weather is nice it is really hard to be inside looking out.  Our summers are short and I enjoy every precious moment spent outdoors with my camera and basking in the beautiful sunshine watching the gardens grow...

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